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[Review of] Gamilaraay, Yuwaalaraay and Yuwaalayaay dictionary  Eira, Kris;  2005  
A grammar of Yuwaalaraay  Williams, Corinne;  1980  
A handbook of Aboriginal languages of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory  Wafer, Jim; Lissarrague, Amanda;  2008  
A preliminary analysis of the laminal lateral in Pama-Nyungan languages  Fitzgerald, Susan;  1997  
Aboriginal languages of eastern Australia compared: a philological essay  Lauterer, Joseph;  1897  
Associated eating and movement: further examination of Yuwaalaraay Gamilaraay verb suffixes  Giacon, John;  2008  
Australian mythological terms: their etymology and dispersion  Worms, Ernest;  1957  
Borah, “boohra”, or “boorhung”  Greenway, C C;  1901  
Creating new words in Gamilaraay and Yuwaalaraay  Giacon, John;  2001  
Die Gliederung der australischen Sprachen und ihre Beziehungen zu der soziologischen Gliederung der austra-lischen Stamme  Schmidt, Wilhelm;  1912-18  
Gaay garay dhadhin : Gamilaraay & Yuwaalaraay picture dictionary  Yuwaalaraay and Gamilaraay Language Program;  2006  
Gamilaraay, Yuwaalaraay, guwaaldanha ngiyani = We are speaking Gamilaraay and Yuwaalaraay  Walgett Yuwaalarray and Gamilaraay Language Program;  2002  
Gamilaraay/Yuwaalaraay /Yuwaalayaay dictionary  Ash, Anna; Giacon, John; Lissarrague, Amanda;  2003  
Garay yugali, walanbala burranbali - celebrating language, and making it stronger  Giacon, John;  2008  
Languages of the Kamilaroi and other Aboriginal tribes of New South Wales  Mathews, Robert Hamilton;  1903  
Linguistic survey of south-eastern Queensland  Holmer, Nils;  1983  
On the status of the feature rhotic in some languages of the north-west of Australia  McGregor, William;  1988  
Origin legends and linguistic relationships  Dixon, R M W;  1996  
Placenames in Yuwaalaraay, Yuwaaliyaay and Gamilaraay languages of North-West New South Wales  Ash, Anna;  2002  
Proto Central New South Wales phonology  Austin, Peter;  1997