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A description of the Yukulta language - an Australian Aboriginal language of north-west Queensland  Keen, Sandra;  1972  
A grammar of Kayardild, with historical-comparative notes on Tangkic  Evans, Nicholas;  1995  
Antipassives in Yukulta  Denniss, Jessica;  2007  
Eastward of the Nicholson River and between that river and the coast: Yangarella tribe  Curr, Edward;  1886  
Handbook of Australian languages vol. 3  Dixon, R M W; Blake, Barry;  1983  
How Lardil became accusative  McConvell, Patrick;  1981  
Kayardild  Evans, Nicholas;  2006  
Kayardild, the language of the Bentinck Islanders of north west Queensland  Evans, Nicholas;  1985  
Languages of the Queensland/Northern Territory border: updating the classification  Blake, Barry;  1990  
Languages, linguistic groups and status relations at Doomadgee, an Aboriginal settlement in north-west Queensland, Australia  Trigger, David;  1987  
Nominal hierarchies in Yukulta  McConvell, Patrick;  1976  
Notes on some Queensland languages  Holmer, Nils;  1988  
On the status of the feature rhotic in some languages of the north-west of Australia  McGregor, William;  1988  
Second position clitic phenomena in North-Central Australia: some pragmatic considerations  Mushin, Ilana;  2004  
Secondary predication as a diagnostic of underlying structure in Pama-Nyungan languages  Laughren, Mary;  1992  
Split case-marking patterns in verb-types and tense/aspect/mood  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1981  
The mouth of the Leich[h]ardt River  Armit, William;  1886  
Transitivity in grammar and discourse  Hopper, Paul; Thompson, Sandra;  1980  
Understanding isolation and change in island human populations through a study of the indigenous cultural patterns in the Gulf of Carpentaria  Memmott, Paul; Evans, Nicholas; Robins, Richard;  2006  
Wanyi reflexive-reciprocal constructions  Laughren, Mary;  2002