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'Finch' versus 'Finch-water': a study of some Aboriginal place-names in South Australia  Hercus, Luise; Potezny, Vlad;  1999  
A Nukunu dictionary  Hercus, Luise;  1992  
A vocabulary of the languages of the Aborigines of the Adelaide district, and other friendly tribes, of the Province of South Australia  Williams, William;  1839  
Adelaide and its neighbourhood  Schürmann, Clamor; Teichelmann, Christian; Wyatt, William;  1886  
Adelaide and its neighbourhood  Wyatt, William;  1886  
Alive and deadly: reviving and maintaining Australian indigenous languages  Pollard, Ruth; Boson, Mary;  1995  
Australia's indigenous languages  Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia;  1996  
Australia's Indigenous languages in practice  Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia;  1996  
Beyond their expectations: Teichelmann and Schurmann's efforts to preserve the Kaurna language continue to bear fruit  Amery, Robert;  2004  
Book review: Warrabarna Kaurna!  Bowern, Claire;  2003  
Collaborative language revival: the work of Kaurna Warra Pityandi (Adelaide Plains, South Australia)  Amery, Robert; Rigney, Alitya Wallara;  2007  
Comparison of some Australian languages  See, Richard;  1965  
Compound nominals in Australian Aboriginal languages  Macfarlane, Linda;  1987  
Cumbungi,  Gott, Beth;  1999  
Die Gliederung der australischen Sprachen und ihre Beziehungen zu der soziologischen Gliederung der austra-lischen Stamme  Schmidt, Wilhelm;  1912-18  
Early language contact varieties in South Australia  Simpson, Jane;  1996  
Ein Abessiv im Gemein-Australischen  Brandenstein, Carl Georg von;  1965  
Encoding new concepts in old languages: a case study of Kaurna, the language of the Adelaide Plains  Amery, Robert;  1993  
Encountering Aboriginal languages : studies in the history of Australian linguistics  McGregor, William;  2008  
Fruit of the eyes: semantic diffusion in the Lakes languages of South Australia  Austin, Peter; Ellis, R; Hercus, Luise;  1976