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A case of intensive lexical diffusion: Arnhem Land, Australia  Heath, Jeffrey;  1981  
A study of the Wangurri language  McLellan, Marilyn;  1992  
Austronesian loanwords in Yolngu-Matha of northeast Arnhem Land  Walker, Alan; Zorc, David;  1981  
Djambarrpuyngu: a Yolngu variety of Northern Australia  Wilkinson, Melanie;  1991  
Djapu, a Yolngu dialect  Morphy, Frances;  1983  
Expressions of grief among Aboriginal women  Berndt, Catherine;  1950  
Handbook of Australian languages vol. 3  Dixon, R M W; Blake, Barry;  1983  
Language and moiety: sociolectal variation in a Yu:lngu language of north-east Arnhem Land  Morphy, Frances;  1977  
Translating oral literature: Aboriginal song texts  Donaldson, Tamsin;  1979  
Yolngu-Matha dictionary  Zorc, David;  1986  
Yolngu Manikay: modern performances of Australian Aboriginal clan songs  Stubington, Jill;  1978  
Yolngu Matha dictionary 3.0: Yolngu Matha to English; English to Yolngu Matha  Zorc, David; Shepherdson College CEC; Northern Territory University;  2002