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A brief description of Roper Creole  Sandefur, John; Sharpe, Margaret;  1977  
A guide to the Kriol writing system  Sandefur, John;  1984  
A language coming of age: Kriol of north Australia  Sandefur, John;  1984  
A new Aboriginal language?  Sandefur, John;  1981  
A one-hour Kriol Holi Baibul reading course  Sandefur, John; Sandefur, Joy;  1987  
A resource guide to Kriol  Sandefur, John;  1984  
A sketch of the structure of Kriol  Sandefur, John;  1991  
Aboriginal children learning to write: Kriol and Warlpiri speakers in an English-speaking classroom  Walton, Christine ;  1986  
Aboriginal English and language  Norrish, Stephen ;  2002  
Alawa Nanggaya Nindanya Yalanu junggulu =Alawa-Kriol-English dictionary, shorter edition  Sharpe, Margaret;  2001  
Alawa Nanggaya Nindanya Yalanu rugalarra =Alawa-Kriol-English dictionary, longer edition  Sharpe, Margaret;  2001  
An Australian creole in the Northern Territory: a description of Ngukurr-Bamyili dialects (part 1)  Sandefur, John;  1979  
An introduction to conversational Kriol  Sandefur, John; Sandefur, Joy;  1981  
Aspects of developing a writing system with practical reference to the revision of the Kriol orthography  Sandefur, John;  1984  
Australia  Leitner, Gerhard;  2005  
Beginnings of a Ngukurr-Bamyili Creole dictionary  Sandefur, John; Sandefur, Joy;  1979  
Camels as pidgin-carriers: Afghan cameleers as a vector for the spread of features of Australian Aboriginal pidgins and creoles  Simpson, Jane;  2000  
Cape York Creole  Crowley, Terry; Rigsby, Bruce;  1979  
Changing attitudes towards Australian creoles and Aboriginal English  Eades, Diana; Siegel, Jeff;  1999  
Creole in education - a discussion of the issues with reference to northern Australian Kriol  Casson, Siobhan;  1988