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Aboriginal languages and clans: an historical atlas of western and central Victoria, 1800-1900  Clark, Ian;  1990  
Notes on some Victorian Aboriginal names for plants and animals  Hercus, Luise;  1966  
Person marker sequences in the Australian languages  Wurm, Stephen;  1969  
Some aspects of the form and use of the trial number in Victorian languages and in Arabana  Hercus, Luise;  1966  
The Aboriginal languages of Victoria  Mathews, Robert Hamilton;  1902  
The affix-transferring languages of Australia  Capell, Arthur;  1972  
The languages of Victoria: a late survey  Hercus, Luise;  1969  
The survival of Victorian languages  Hercus, Luise;  1965  
Victorian languages: a late survey  Hercus, Luise;  1986