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A study of the Bibbulman dialect  Davis, Jack;  1969  
Aboriginal words and meanings  Aboriginal;  1972  
Handbook of W. A. Aboriginal languages  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1987  
Handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages south of the Kimberley region  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1993  
Lower Blackwood: Peopleman tribe  Gifford, Edric;  1886  
Poems of palaeolithic man  Bates, Daisy;  1926  
The Aboriginal languages of south-west Australia: speech forms in current use and a technical description of Njungar  Douglas, Wilfrid;  1968  
The Aboriginal languages of the south-west of Australia, 2nd edition  Douglas, Wilfrid;  1976  
The first born and other poems  Davis, Jack;  1970