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A dictionary of Yinggarda, Western Australia  Austin, Peter;  1992  
Aboriginal dialects - Gascoigne River, W. Australia  Gribble, Ernest; ;  1903  
Aboriginal languages of the Gascoyne-Ashburton region  Austin, Peter;  1988  
Aboriginal languages of the Gascoyne-Ashburton region, Western Australia: catalogue of resource materials  Austin, Peter;  1993  
Aboriginal names of the animals of the Lyons River District  Alexander, W B;  1920  
Australian kin classification  Scheffler, H W;  1978  
Classification of southern Pilbara languages  Austin, Peter;  1988  
From North-West Cape to thirty miles south of the Gascoyne River: the Kakarakala tribe  Gifford, Edric;  1886  
Handbook of W. A. Aboriginal languages  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1987  
Handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages south of the Kimberley region  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1993  
Malgana wangganyina = talking Malgana : an illustrated wordlist of the Malgana language of Western Australia  Mackman, Doreen; Oakley, Kelly; Cross, Topsy;  2003  
More on lexicostatistics  O'Grady, Geoffrey;  1960  
Nhanta historical phonology  Blevins, Juliette; Marmion, Doug;  1994  
Piyardi Yardi Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre  FATSIL;  2002  
Significance of the circumcision boundary in Western Australia  O'Grady, Geoffrey;  1959  
The Aborigines of Australia  Oldfield, Augustus;  1865  
West Australian native words  Richardson, T L;  1900  
Yingkarta  Dench, Alan;  1998