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A century of effort: contributions to the study of Aboriginal ethnology and linguistics by Pallottine missionaries in North West Western Australia.  Bindon, Peter;  2001  
A dictionary of Jiwarli, Western Australia  Austin, Peter;  1992  
A typology of nonconfigurationality: with special reference to Jingulu  Pensalfini, Robert;  2001  
Aboriginal languages of the Gascoyne-Ashburton region  Austin, Peter;  1988  
Aboriginal languages of the Gascoyne-Ashburton region, Western Australia: catalogue of resource materials  Austin, Peter;  1993  
Case marking in southern Pilbara languages  Austin, Peter;  1981  
Case marking strategies in subordinate clauses in Pilbara languages - some diachronic speculations  Dench, Alan;  2006  
Classification of southern Pilbara languages  Austin, Peter;  1988  
Clause-initial position in four Australian languages  Simpson, Jane; Mushin, Ilana;  2008  
Constructive case: (mixed) evidence from Jiwarli.  Parsley, Connal;  2000  
Crow is sitting chasing them - grammaticalization and the verb to sit in the Mantharta languages, Western Australia  Austin, Peter;  1998  
Double case-marking in Kanyara and Mantharta languages, Western Australia  Austin, Peter;  1991  
Double case: agreement by Suffix-aufnahme  Plank, Frans;  1995  
Earthquake and Halleys comet: two Jiwarli texts  Butler, Jack; Austin, Peter;  1986  
Handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages south of the Kimberley region  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1993  
Jiwarli  Austin, Peter;  2006  
Jiwarli : draft Jiwarli-English dictionary English-Jiwarli wordlist & topical wordlist 2006  Austin, Peter; Burgman, Albert;  2006  
Jiwarli [electronic resource] : a language of Western Australia  Austin, Peter;  1998  
Jiwarli dictionary (CD)  Burgman, Albert;  2007  
Myth, ritual and rock art  Palmer, Kingsley;  1977