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A description and exploratory evaluation of program types in indigenous and community languages: Final report  Language Australia Limited; National Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia;  2000  
A Description of Kurinj/Minong Nungar as documented by Gerhardt Laves in his field notes of 1931  Wykman, Harry;  2005  
A Nyoongar wordlist from the south west of Western Australia  Bindon, Peter; Chadwick, R;  1992  
An island home.  Scott, Kim;  2008  
Capturing chaos: rendering handwritten language documents  Henderson, John;  2008  
Cumbungi,  Gott, Beth;  1999  
Diary of ten years’ eventful life of an early settler in Western Australia; and also A descriptive vocabulary of the language of the Aborigines  Moore, George Fletcher;  1884  
Early records of the Wardandi language  Gerritsen, Rupert;  1998  
Illustrated dictionary of the south-west Aboriginal language  Douglas, Wilfrid;  1996  
Indigenous languages programmes in Australian schools: a way forward  Purdie, Nola; Frigo, Tracey; Ozolins, Clare ; Noblett, Geoff ; Thieberger, Nicholas ; Sharp, Janet;  2008  
Language of the month 11: Noongar  Noongar Language Centre; FATSIL;  2000  
Macquarie Aboriginal words: a dictionary of words from Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages  Thieberger, Nicholas; McGregor, William;  1994  
Noongar dictionary  Whitehurst, Rose;  1992  
Notes on some tribes of Western Australia  Mathews, Robert Hamilton;  1910  
Nyungar  Dench, Alan;  1994  
Nyungar language project  Calgaret, Anthony; Whitehurst, Rose; Wooltorton, Sandra;  1988  
Obituaries: Wilfred Henry Douglas 1917-2004  Glass, Amee;  2004  
Omniglot: writing systems & languages of the world  Ager, Simon;  1998-2009  
The Aboriginal languages of south-west Australia: speech forms in current use and a technical description of Njungar  Douglas, Wilfrid;  1968  
The Aboriginal languages of the south-west of Australia, 2nd edition  Douglas, Wilfrid;  1976