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A preliminary analysis of the laminal lateral in Pama-Nyungan languages  Fitzgerald, Susan;  1997  
Aboriginal names and their meanings  Allingham, M L;  1964  
Halifax Bay  Cassady, James;  1886  
Halifax Bay  Johnstone, Robert;  1886  
Handbook of Australian languages vol. 3  Dixon, R M W; Blake, Barry;  1983  
Herbert River  Stephen, William;  1886  
Languages of the Cairns rain forest region  Dixon, R M W;  1970  
Naive linguistic explanations  Dixon, R M W;  1992  
Nyawaygi  Dixon, R M W;  1983  
On the Omaha trail in Australia: tracking skewing from east to west  McConvell, Patrick; Alpher, Barry;  2002  
Verbal inflectional morphology in historical linguistics - a case study in the Herbert-Burdekin languages of North Queensland  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1984